This program is intended to support those identifying as Black Women, recognized leaders, achieve their fullest potential while building a life in the state of Vermont.

My Sister’s Keeper Challenge  is a program of Black Lives Matter VT.

Why: The reality of Women of color is loud, clear, and startling. We all must learn and realize the harsh, painstaking oppression that those identifying as Black Women face on a daily basis.

Black Lives Matter VT is a growing network of individuals, families and businesses invested in the liberation of Black Vermonters, and the deactivation of systemic racism endured by Black and Brown residents of our state. Black Lives Matter VT is an official non-profit organization recognized by the state of VT.

We envision… A new liberation movement focused on the preservation of Black lives.

We envision… A Vermont where the laws and policies of the land no longer work towards oppressing marginalized people of color communities, but instead put to action “people centered,” “oppression-free,” mechanisms designed to uplift, nurture and protect all people.

We envision… A Vermont that recognizes the unique plights of communities of color in every public faction. This includes but not limited to: Leadership in local and State Government, Employment, Criminal Justice System, Public Education System, Healthcare System, Public Housing, black Economy, and Department of Children and Families. Please visit for more information, to become a member, donate and/ or get involved. ###

My Sister's Keeper Vendors

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